"Annika was my career development coach for about 6 months during my delegation in Singapore when I was responsible for the Asia Pacific business. She is a very open, inspiring and straight forward personality with a profound business knowledge. She has both: managerial experience as well as coaching techniques. That helped to get deep into my problems. One was that I worked a lot on too many things at one time. Annika guided me to analyse my situation, and to identify my goals and actions with the most impact. It worked! I discovered my own professional focus. Although we have finalized our official coaching sessions, I have no doubt that I will stay in touch with Annika and contact her in the future as new challenges arise in my personal and professional life."

Asia Pacific Business Manager, age 34, from Germany

"This coaching was game changing experience for my career. Annika helped me to not only determine, but also to reach out and achieve my professional life goals. The investment was worth it and already paid out in success." 

bachelor of arts student, age 19, from Germany

“Annika helped me plan my next career move. I was caught on crossroads of my career path and she helped me chart a rational course and find direction. She is analytical, detailed and well structured and her approach is to felicitate a candidate's thinking so that he or she can build his own decision making process. I recommend Annika to you in case you are seeking someone who can assist you in your career goals.”

head of brands for luxury goods, age 35, from India

"Annika was a trusted coach who has helped me to figure out my personal goals and targets. I was in the middle of confusion about my life purpose and plans. After spending only one session with Annika, she has helped me to answer my personal confusions and gain a lucid mind about my life values and future plans. I was a professional headhunter in Oil and Gas sector for a few years in Singapore but  was always torn between ideas of a stable job and my creative self together with a hope for education. After the coaching and self deliberation, I am now in New York, setting up my own non-profit organization for art and education and I am admitted to Harvard for a graduate program. That was a significant coaching session I have had with Annika which litterally changed my life in an astonishing way. I would strongly recommend Annika as a professional personal coach."

Claire Ho, Founder of Pencil Book Organization, from Vietnam

"It is an indulgence to listen to you. Your wide knowledge, personal analysis, focus and persistence was key to my success! Like a good dentist you found immediately the afferent nerve and treated it with the right tools. The pain was punctual and limited. Now I can enjoy sweets again."

Martin Schmidt, Medienstrategen, Germany

"You are such an energetic and dynamic lovely young lady, showing a strong drive and personality, highly professional and knowledgeable in your field of expertise."

dutch retired national, ex- international volleyball player NLD, ex-national volleyball coach AHO, living in China 

"Annikas Coaching ist wie mein Lieblingsbadeanzug – knapp, ansprechend und das Wesentliche abdeckend! Ihre Meisterschaft besteht darin mich in einem beeindruckenden Tempo an meine Ziele zu begleiten. Mit einem scharfen Blick, klarer Struktur und vielen knackigen Coachingübungen trifft sie mitten ins Schwarze und sortiert genau die Fragestallungen, die mich bewegen. Annika ist der exzellente Coach, wenn Sie zeitoptimiert ihre persönliche Lösung erarbeiten wollen." 

Henriette Hauerstein, german entrepreneur

“Annika Harloff habe ich als lebenslustigen Life Coach kennen gelernt, die einerseits direkt auf den Punkt kommt und andererseits glaubhaft versichert, sehr empathisch in allen Kulturen unterwegs zu sein. Sie tanzt nicht lange ums Feuer herum, sondern gibt glasklares Feedback. Mit ihr kann man "Pferde stehlen". Rat und Tat in jeder Lebenslage erwartet man hier genauso zurecht wie einen Coach, der mit Ihnen auf Augenhöhe beginnt und  Freude daran hat, wenn Sie ueber sich hinaus wachsen.” 

Jo Riehle, Lebensmittel-Pestizid-Experte